Yogesh Nagar


Speaker 7

A 19-year-old Indian innovator, Yogesh Nagar, has developed and designed a driverless tractor and has become the talk of the town with his innovation. The machine has left one and all surprised in his region. Hailing from the Kagla Bambori village of Baran district in Rajasthan, Yogesh says he has designed the machine to help his father, who is the biggest motivation behind the innovation.

To build the robotic and driverless tractor, Indian innovator Yogesh installed signals on the tractor which are connected to the remote. Yogesh spent around Rs. 47,000 to build the innovation, which he collected from his friends and father.

Today the innovation help his father operate the tractor from one corner of the farm and till the land. Truly, India does not have a dearth of talent.